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published 07/30/19 9:52:35 AM EDT
by Joe Dolan


Hey folks, welcome to FantasyFreeAgents.com.

To suggest that Tom Brolley and I were planning on doing this podcast and blog this year would be incorrect, but we’re excited to bring it to you all the same. You need to take the lemons life has given you and make the most of ‘em, and we think we’re well on our way to doing so. And damn, I can tell you we are hungry.

For some background, Tom and I are long-time veterans of the fantasy industry. I’m going into my 11th season in the industry after joining up with John Hansen in March of 2009, while Tom — a close personal friend whom I have known since college — hooked up with us in July of 2012. The two of us are passionate about football, sports betting, and especially fantasy, and we hope that will shine through in our podcast.

Because Tom and I don’t have full-time jobs in the fantasy industry for this season, we’re doing the podcast and the blog for the love of the game. We have to pick up other work to support ourselves, so this little blog might seem "thin" compared to what we’ve done in the past.

However, we initially were going to do only the podcast with no written content. But you might have read somewhere that we’re pretty good at ranking players. Ergo, we’ve decided to provide this little blog as a home base for our seasonal and weekly rankings, our podcast, and whatever else might come to mind for us. We’re also going to have IDP rankings, podcasts, and the occasional article from Justin Varnes and Tom Simons, two IDP veterans. In the case of Simons, he’s been providing IDP content for over 20 years.

That all being said, the podcast is where the beef of our content will be this season. Tom and I will publish three times a week until the regular season starts… and then we’ll be in your ears EVERY WEEKDAY from Week 1 through Week 17. We’re also beyond excited to announce that the Fantasy Free Agents Podcast will be the EXCLUSIVE fantasy home of legendary NFL Films producer Greg Cosell, and will be the only place you can hear his unique, in-depth analysis from the film room filtered through the lens of fantasy. Greg will be with us every Thursday for the 2019 NFL season.

During the season, you can expect this regimented schedule on the podcast, with weekly IDP podcasts mixed in as well:

  • Monday - Weekend Recap/Monday Night Football Preview

  • Tuesday - Top Waiver Wire Pickups/Streaming QBs, TEs, and DSTs

  • Wednesday - Weekend Betting Preview

  • Thursday - Weekly Matchup Podcast with Greg Cosell

  • Friday - Fantasy News and Injury Roundup/DFS Plays

Meanwhile, Tom and I will be posting and updating our rankings on this blog and will refer to them constantly on the podcast.

The blog and podcast will be FREE TO USE in 2019. But if you enjoy our work, we’d appreciate a donation to the podcast or on the blog. This is a small operation with Tom, myself, the IDP guys, and behind-the-scenes whiz Ben Kukainis providing all the content. All of us are unemployed in the fantasy industry, so we need to eat on occasion! If you can’t spare a few bucks, your eyes and ears are enough for us.

We hope to keep you engaged throughout what is sure to be an exciting fantasy season. Most importantly, we hope to put a championship ring on your finger. Flags fly forever, after all.

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Thank you for coming aboard,

Joe Dolan

Co-Creator, The Fantasy Free Agents Podcast

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Joe Dolan
Joe Dolan


An industry veteran of more than a decade, Joe Dolan brings his expertise to the Fantasy Free Agents Podcast. With two 1st place finishes, a Top-5 finish, and a Top-20 finish in the FantasyPros.com Draft Accuracy rankings since 2013, Joe has assumed the title of #1 Pre-Draft ranker for the four-year period from 2015-2018 among 140+ experts and sites.